Cranberry and pistachio biscotti recipes

Biscotti originates from Italy. It is baked twice; first in log shape and then as individual slices. This method will yield a dry and hard, yet crisp texture for the biscuit which allows them to be kept longer at room temperature. This amazing recipes I founded at and I love it.

Some biscotti contain oil, some not. This biscotti recipe I am sharing now is oil and butter free and uses egg as a binding agent. It’s definitely a healthier option compared to the other oil or butter rich baked goods. When mixing the ingredients, don’t be fret if you get a sticky dough. Rest assured that nothing goes wrong. Just dust your hands and the work top with more flours will make the dough more manageable.


150g plain flour (all purpose flour)
 ½ tsp baking powder 
1 large egg (about 70g) – at room temperature 
70g castor sugar
Pinch of salt 
60g pistachios 
50g dried cranberries 
⅛ tsp vanilla extract, more or less (optional) 
rated orange zest (from 1 medium orange)

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