30+ Simple salad recipes

How many times have you heard someone in your family say this?
“I don’t want that for dinner. We just had the same thing last night.”
More often than not when it comes to making use of leftovers this is a common occurrence in most households. What happens next? The food stays in the refrigerator for 3 or 4 days then it hits the trash. 
What a waste of good food and money.Main course salads can be made with Mexican or Asian fixings as well. Add some chow mien noodles and more to give the salad an Oriental flare. Don’t forget your dressing. There are a vast amount of flavorful dressings available these days to top any great salad.
Salads don’t have to be what was once known as rabbit food anymore. Have fun creating your main course salads and remember to let your taste buds and health consciousness lead the way.

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